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Welcome to o2kl.

Where chemistry is practiced for the good of advertising,
marketing and the advancement of clients everywhere.


o2kl chosen one of the 20 Best Ad Agencies in NYC by Expertise

The evaluation included 1,949 agencies. Criteria included reputation, credibility, experience and availability to clients. When the smoke cleared, we were recognized for all we have stood for over the past 13 years.
People Chemistry

People Chemistry

The right people, combined together, create the desired reaction. Constant monitoring keeps the formula fresh.

Strategic Chemistry

Strategic Chemistry

We combine customer insights, brand insights and market insights to create something unique and powerful.

Creative Chemistry

Creative Chemistry

Once we have the strategy, we work extremely hard to find the right proportions of logic, emotion and empathy.

Practical Chemistry

Practical Chemistry

The result is Brand Response Advertising. Where brand-building ideas are combined with results-driven disciplines across all channels.

Combining the right elements to create the right reactions
is what chemistry and o2kl are all about.
The Work:

The Work

We combine brand-building ideas with results-driven disciplines. Place them in the right media. Powerful reactions result. It’s not just a customer experience. It’s an active, online, offline and social experience that turns into leads, sales and raises all around.


Tracey Owens

John Kopilak

Nick Richman

Jennifer Vale

Marty Accetta

Callie Starbuck

Kathy Buist

John Steinhardt

Richard Eber

Nancy Keiter

Bill Bonomo

Laurie Messina

Amy Brader

Audrey Johnston

Tracey Owens



3 West 18th Street, NY, NY 10011

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3 West 18th Street, NY, NY 10011