At o2kl, chemistry begins at home. Some of us know each other for more years than we'd like to admit, but that's a huge benefit to our clients. We all specialize in different areas, but we can practically finish each other's sentences. Giving you a team that not only gets along together, but works as a unit while concentrating on your specific needs.

o2kl leadership

Tracey Owens

President, Partner

When you work with Tracey Owens, you’re working with an overachiever — one you believe can do great things for you. Because Tracey is a true business partner who stays involved with your brand, your business and you. She has been President of o2kl si...

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John Kopilak

Creative Director, Partner

John knows everything. And what he doesn’t know he learns quickly and never forgets. Great traits to have when you’re working on highly-disciplined, highly-detailed (at times even arcane) accounts like finance, health and insurance. Accounts that oft...

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Jim Lurie

General Manager, Partner

Jim has an uncanny ability to make the complicated easy to understand. Just ask him to explain the challenges and the future of healthcare in America. His curiosity and drive are boundless, leading him to delve into all the materials he can get his h...

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Richard Eber

Creative Director

As creative director of o2kl, Richard brings years of experience holding similar positions at Ogilvy and MRM. But Richard hasn’t lost the fire. If anything, he’s fanned the flames at o2kl, taking a more hands-on, personal approach. He’s not a Creativ...

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Frank Massenzio

Director of Operations and Client Services

If everything were as effortless as Frank makes it seem, we’d all sleep easier. Actually, thanks to him, we all do. Especially clients. Frank is on top of every detail and is a manager — dare we say micromanager? — in the best sense of the word. Fran...

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Marty Accetta

Digital Director

Marty is digital. And Marty understands. Things must be shorter. Easier to understand. A quicker scan. A faster payoff. Instant gratification? Too slow. The user experience is changing. And Marty is on top of it. So are his clients. His work for the...

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