What's old is new again. Well, almost everything. Hula hoops and phone booths aren't trending at the moment. But here's a big surprise that is trending: direct mail — especially to millennials. 

That's right, millennials — the digital natives who never knew a world without smartphones, iTunes and ordering dinner online. Millennials are the most techno-savvy group the human race has ever seen. They can do things with technology their parents will never understand. Yet, when it comes to direct mail, millennials are hooked just like their grandparents were.

Why are such technically advanced humans attracted to mail?

Millennials grew up with text messaging not paper messaging. So, to them, direct mail is fresh and new and has something they were never exposed to — a physical object with their name and address printed on it that they can hold and touch.

Just like vinyl is foreign and fascinating to millennials, a tangible thing addressed to them is a welcomed experience. And millennials are all about experiences. So an object that intrigues them, informs them and challenges them is something they will respond to.

Millennials are affected by impact mailings, postcards and simple letter pieces. And, with the way the world of technology has advanced, newer, more intriguing options are at our service.

Inks can be sensitive to heat, light and water. Which means your message can be revealed with participation from the recipient. There are lenticulars that reveal messages by sparking the child in all of us. There are even electronic call buttons and videos that can be used to gain outstanding results.

The only limit is your own imagination and your budget. But the continuum is far reaching. And the bottom line is hard to ignore: Mail is trending with younger audiences, older audiences and even corporate executives.

Ideas make the difference

At o2kl, we have also been extremely successful with high-impact mailings to corporate executives. Each of our pieces create what we call an "emotional magnet." It's something that pulls people in and intrigues them to go through a process. In one of our most successful ideas, we enclosed a remote control for a yellow Corvette. To get the remote-controlled car, our high-end audience had to set up a meeting with our client. 

Our audience, by the way, has enough money to buy anything they want. So why such huge success with a toy? It's all in the insight we discovered: Many of these executives are in finance, which isn't the most exciting job to a child. But, a yellow Corvette is exciting. And, the Corvette always finds its way home to impress the executive's child or grandchild. It is a way to make a "boring" job seem like fun. "Look what I got at work today!"

The Corvette piece is responsible for millions of dollars' worth of enrollments. And, because the ROI was so impressive, the same idea was requested by six other marketing groups within the same company. This is highly unusual because most marketing groups always want to do their own promotion. But, each of the groups that shared the same idea all had equal results. It's another fascinating case of mail making a huge impact.

We are not saying mail is the answer to all your marketing problems, but it is a powerful, unexpected media option that is regaining momentum. As experts in digital, TV, social and, yes, mail, we want you to know the full story. Find out how we can help you find new, fresh ways to reach everyone from millennials to seasoned corporate executives.

Find out why mail is trending

Talk to Jim Lurie. You'll see why millennials and corporate executives can't get enough of this tangible medium. Contact Jim at 917-543-2896 or jlurie@o2kl.com